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Wall-e Toys

wall-e interactive robot
The Wall-e movie is going to be the big hit of the summer. And the toys and books are already a big hit with my family. Even my 2 year old who doesn’t know many words but he can say Wall-e.

Already the toys are a hot commodity and can be difficult to find. If it is like this before the Wall-e movie is released just imagine how it will be this summer and particularly Christmas time.

The Wall-e movie promises to be another great Disney Pixar hit. The story is that humans have messed up the earth so much they have to leave the planet and wait for the robots to clean it up. But the robots aren’t very well designed and they all break down. Except for Wall-e.

A lot of you will know that I write as EverythingMouse on Squidoo. I am really proud to say that I am a finalist in the Squidoo eBay Challenge competition with my Wall-e movie feature. The prize is to be featured in a speech by Seth Godin at the eBay Conference.

You will find all the latest Wall-e toys, video clips and movie trivia, as well as information on how to find the difficult to get Wall-e and Eve interactive robot toys.

Find Wall-e Toys 

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