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Vacation Homes For Rent Near Disney World

Can you really know how close your vacation rental home is to Disney World before you arrive?  I see so many Orlando vacation home owners being slightly ‘economical with the truth’ about how long it will take you to get to Disney World it makes me smile!

First let me say that most of the Orlando villas that I see are indeed within 15 to 30 minutes of Disney World. Some are closer than others.  Of course they are – they can’t all be the closest to the Mouse!

So if you are booking an Orlando holiday home which resorts are the closest.  Without a doubt Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills are closer than every other resort.  They are very prestigious resorts with excellent facilities.  If you are looking for the closest Orlando villas to Disney World then you cannot go wrong with Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills resorts.

But being the absolute closest to Disney World is not the priority for everyone.  If you are looking for something just 7 minutes further the consider Solana Resort which offers guests excellent resort facilities and a great location.  You will be able to drive from the Solana resort to any of the major theme parks including Disney World and Universal Studios in anywhere between 15 minutes to 30 minutes.  And the prices you pay for Solana are likely to be less than you would pay for either of the Windsor Palms or Windsor Hills resorts.  So if you just want to add a very short time to your driving time but save yourself a lot of money then don’t overlook this hidden gem.

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