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Rats in the Kitchen – Ratatouille Released on DVD.

ratcooking1.jpgDoesn’t sound that promising does it? A movie about rats who take over a restaurant kitchen. No this isn’t some kind of Kitchen Nightmare – it is of course Disney Pixar’s Ratatouille movie.

I have to admit that when the movie was released I wasn’t that keen to see it. I have a serious phobia about rats so the thought of a movie about them, even a Disney animated one did not fill me with joy. However my kids persuaded me I need to see it. I was glad they did. I really enjoyed Ratatouille. A story of the rat Remy, who knows he has talent but is held back from his dream by his family and social conventions (a rat is not an ideal cook even in animation land).


Did they make the rats look cute? Sometimes. I only had to close my eyes twice ( hey that’s not bad – I can’t get through Indiana Jones without lots of covering my eyes).

I thought it was an excellent movie. One for the adults and the children. Great humor, animation and a great story.

Others obviously agree as it is proving to be one of Disney Pixars great successes – it is predicted that it’s international box office gross will be around $500 million. This would put it third behind the giant successes of The Incredibles and Finding Nemo, and ahead of Disney’s Cars.

Want to see what makes Ratatouille one of the best Disney Pixar films to date? You can order the Ratatouille DVD ahead of it’s release on 6th November.

If you want to find out more then check out my latest site at Ratatouille – The Movie

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