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Orlando Vacation Home Late Availability

July 1st, 2008 Alison Posted in Florida Vacation Rentals, Vacation Rental Websites, kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills | No Comments »

I have some great late availability offers for my Orlando vacation homes. For a couple of the houses that I have on Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills the best offers are for August. So if you are looking for a great late availability deal on luxury Orlando homes on thes great resorts then contact me with the dates that you need and I will send you all the details that you need.

It is funny that I am talking about late availability deals on my Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills homes for August. Because I am taking so many bookings for Christmas 2008 and also throughout 2009 at the moment. People often ask me if it is better to wait to book an Orlando vacation home until the last moment. In general I would say that it always pays to book as far ahead as you can. Particularly if you have a first choice of Orlando home ( say you have been to one before and loved it so much you want to go back). I do sometimes have to disappoint previous guests who have been to my Windsor Palms and Solana homes as they are already booked. I can usually find them something else but I always want guests to have their first choice if possible.

Can you get bargains by waiting until the last minute to book an Orlando vacation home? Sometimes yes! And a good example of this is the luxury Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills homes I have available for select dates on offer in August. So if you are planning an Orlando family vacation just contact me and I will let you know all the best deals!

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Wall-e Toys

June 18th, 2008 Alison Posted in Disney Movies, Disney World Florida, Disneyland California | No Comments »

wall-e interactive robot
The Wall-e movie is going to be the big hit of the summer. And the toys and books are already a big hit with my family. Even my 2 year old who doesn’t know many words but he can say Wall-e.

Already the toys are a hot commodity and can be difficult to find. If it is like this before the Wall-e movie is released just imagine how it will be this summer and particularly Christmas time.

The Wall-e movie promises to be another great Disney Pixar hit. The story is that humans have messed up the earth so much they have to leave the planet and wait for the robots to clean it up. But the robots aren’t very well designed and they all break down. Except for Wall-e.

A lot of you will know that I write as EverythingMouse on Squidoo. I am really proud to say that I am a finalist in the Squidoo eBay Challenge competition with my Wall-e movie feature. The prize is to be featured in a speech by Seth Godin at the eBay Conference.

You will find all the latest Wall-e toys, video clips and movie trivia, as well as information on how to find the difficult to get Wall-e and Eve interactive robot toys.

Find Wall-e Toys 

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Do You Own a Vacation Rental Website?

June 17th, 2008 Alison Posted in Vacation Rental Websites | No Comments »

Owning a vacation home is not always easy. It sometimes takes a long time to get established and generate as many bookings as you need. You probably use the internet to advertise your vacation home and have a website to attract guests. Do you wish you had more traffic, more inquiries, even more bookings?

Perhaps you’ve spent some time looking at ways to improve your website. There’s certainly plenty of information out there – SEO, building content, blogging, social networks are just a start.

The internet is pretty complicated and there are a lot of offers of help out there. Which ones do you choose? Which ones do you try first?

I am fortunate. I have my website designer sitting right next to me. My husband Richard.

We have built several successful vacation rental websites (this is one of them). Along the way we’ve written down the ideas and techniques that really work. You’ll find some of our favorites in this guide: Squeeze More Results From Your Website.

You can download the guide free via the signup page on

Or, if you like oranges, just click on the picture!

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Windsor Palms Game Room

June 2nd, 2008 Alison Posted in Florida Vacation Rentals, Orlando Theme Parks, kissimmee florida vacation home rental | No Comments »

At last the game room in our Windsor Palms home is finished. I wanted it to be just that bit better than most ( don’t I always?) and I am really pleased with the result.

I have to confess that I waited a while before I decided to create a game room. They have become increasingly popular in Orlando vacation homes, but I wanted this one to be just right so I spent a lot of time talking to different suppliers and looking at the design that I wanted for the house.

It has a pool table, foosball and air hockey. I also decided to include some toys for the children. I discovered pretty quickly that it is difficult to play pool even in the ideal game room if you have a one year old literally hanging on your every move. So there are toys in there too to keep the younger kids happy.Windsor Palms Game Room

All in all I think it is one of the best game rooms on Windsor Palms!

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Beauty and the Beast

May 27th, 2008 Alison Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

Beauty and the Beast has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. I think I first discovered it around 5 years ago when my daughter was so into all the Disney Princess movies – sadly these favorites are giving way to more ‘tween’ tastes as Hannah Montanah and High School Musical, but I still love the Disney movie classics.


As with many of the Disney Princess movies the story is based on a classic fairytale. The strong moral of the story is that appearance isn’t everything and that love can overcome all barriers. We can think in this cynical world that such sentiment has few places but I have to confess I am an optimist and think this is exactly the kind of message that we should be listening to.

One of my favorite shows at Disney World is the Beauty and the Beast show. I have lost count of just how many times I must have seen it. I know the words to the songs and the dialogue. I even know ( although there is no way I could do) all the dance routines. The Beauty and the Beast show at Disney World is one of the most popular shows and is at Disney Hollywood studios. Make sure you arrive early to get the best seats. Try to sit in the middle and as close to the front as you possibly can. The Beauty and the Beast theater is not huge so every seat is great but if you really want to feel part of the show then get as close as you can. This really is a Broadway quality show and it should be on your list of must sees in Disney Hollywood Studios.

If you want to know more about the Beauty and the Beast movie and the Disney show then check out this celebration of Beauty and the Beast.

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Vacation Homes in Orlando

May 10th, 2008 Alison Posted in Florida Vacation Rentals, kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills | No Comments »

Vacation homes in Orlando – I am so overwhelmed by choice where do I start? This is something that I hear time and time again from people.

You start out thinking that renting a home for your Orlando vacation is a great idea (it is) but then you start looking and wish you had never started! I think I only truly realised this when I looked for a rental home for my last vacation in California. There the choice is small compared to Orlando. Even though I spend my life on the internet I felt like tearing my hair out after the first hour of searching for a vacation home.
Most people start their search for a vacation home, whether in Orlando or anywhere else in the world by looking on the internet. This is of course the best place to find one – I would say that wouldn’t I? But perhaps this isn’t the place to start. So what should you do to find the right Orlando vacation home for your family?

Start off with a wish list. Then search.

You will have narrowed down your search for a vacation home even before you sit down at the computer. Start with basic questions about what you want from your Orlando vacation home.

The obvious question is how close to you want to be to Disney World. Most vacation homes are pretty close but some are almost on Mickeys doorstep ( Windsor Hills and Windsor Palms are 2 of the closest). How many bedrooms? Don’t forget how many bathrooms you need either – you don’t want to waste time in the morning waiting for a slot in the shower! Do you want a home on a resort, a home with a view, a newer home, one with things for the kids, internet access, free calls. All of these things are available in some homes.

If you have it in your mind what you would like from a home even before you switch on the computer then you will cut down your search time. And frustration.

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Orlando Holiday Villa – The Perfect Choice for Your Summer Holiday

April 14th, 2008 Alison Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

If you are looking to book a great holiday this year then Orlando has to be on your list of great choices. With the pound so strong against the dollar Orlando makes such a great choice – and if you are looking for really great deals then a holiday villa in Kissimmee can be a good deal for your family. So much more space, amazing luxury homes with swimming pools – nothing can be better for a fabulous Disney World holiday.


You really can have the best of everything with an Orlando holiday villa.  I am British but spend most of my time in the US.  At the moment I am on holiday in the UK – and noticing how expensive everything is here!  Food in particular seems much more expensive than when I was here the last time. People tell me that this is because prices have risen a lot here recently – well if you want to escape that then Orlando is perfect!  Eating out is so much cheaper in Orlando than the UK, and there is a lot more choice. Orlando is the perfect holiday destination and you can get some great deals on Orlando holiday villas.

I am offering specials at the moment for all bookings before the end of April – so if you want to cash in on the great prices for Orlando holiday homes then book now!


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Disney World Character Dining

March 28th, 2008 Alison Posted in Disneyland California | No Comments »

Who would you like to dine with on your Walt Disney World vacation? Mickey Mouse, a Disney Princess or perhaps Alice in Wonderland? Disney World character dining is a very popular choice. But is it for you?

A Walt Disney World character meal is a unique experience for you and your family. There is simply no other place to dine with Cinderella and Mickey Mouse! It is a great chance for you to get plenty of time with your favorite Disney World characters and it is an experience that all the family, whatever their age, will remember for a long time as one of the highlights of their Disney World vacation

There is a great variety of Disney World character dining choices. From breakfast to brunch, dinner to lunch. Disney character meals are buffet, menu or family style ( where all you can eat choices are brought to your table). The quality of the food is generally high. It is often more expensive to dine in a Disney World character restaurant than elsewhere in the theme park for comparable food – but you are paying for the unique experience too. After all it isn’t every day you get to dine with a Disney Princess.

Decide which Disney characters you would like to see. A very popular choice is the Disney Princess dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Here you will get to dine in Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom. An amazing experience but remember to book as early as you can as it is very popular. Another way to see your favorite Disney Princess is to go to the Akershus Princess Royal Dining in the EPCOT theme park. Here you will usually find at least four or five of your favorite Disney Princesses at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Perhaps Mickey Mouse is more your style. A great place to find him is Chef Mickey’s in the Disney World Contemporary Resort on your way to Magic Kingdom.

If your want to see a particular character always check before you go to see that they are appearing that particular time – a lot of the restaurants do have a fixed schedule of characters, but they do sometimes change. Try not to make a promise to your child that they will see a particular Disney character as they may be disappointed if it is Cinderella’s day off!

Remember that sometimes actually meeting a Disney character can be a little overwhelming for your child. All the Disney characters are excellent at winning over a nervous child and also knowing when it is time to leave, but be sensitive to your child’s feelings about this. Meeting a life size Winnie The Pooh for the first time can be too much for your toddler!

To go ahead and book a Disney World character dining experience it is advisable to book ahead by calling 407 WDW DINE to make an Advance Dining Reservation. You can call up to 180 days ahead and for some experiences such as Cinderella’s Royal Table it really is advisable to call as far ahead as you possibly can. Disney World character dining is a great experience and it is very popular!

For more information including menus and pricing go to Disney World Character Dining.

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Orlando Short Term Vacation Rental – Want A Different View?

March 24th, 2008 Alison Posted in Florida Vacation Rentals, Orlando Theme Parks, kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills | No Comments »

You may have looked at so many Orlando short term vacation rental websites that you really don’t want to look at another. Well perhaps I can tempt you to look at just one more after seeing this video that I put together. It shows my Orlando vacation rental homes and some great views of Disney World too. So sit back and enjoy.

Want to know more about my Orlando short term rental homes?

If you are looking for luxury Orlando villa homes to rent then you have found some of the very best available. Resort homes on Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills – close to the magic with resort facilities second to none. Upgraded luxury Orlando homes with everything you need to make your stay very special – at a price that may surprise you.

These homes are so close to all the Orlando theme parks that you can almost touch them! There is even one home where you can watch the Disney fireworks from the house. Imagine all the luxury and value of a Windsor Palms or Windsor Hills home – go ahead and upgrade for a fraction of the cost of an hotel room.Find out more .

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Vacation Rental Homes in Orlando – Last Minute Deals Available

March 18th, 2008 Alison Posted in Florida Vacation Rentals, Uncategorized, kissimmee florida vacation home rental | No Comments »

Are you looking for an Orlando vacation rental home to book for April or May? If you are looking for Orlando villa last minute offers then I have some available for my Solana resort vacation home.

If you are looking for a new resort close to Disney World and all the other Orlando attractions then Solana is a great choice. A newer resort community with facilities including spectacular clubhouse, community pool with cabanas, internet cafe, fitness room with great gym equipment, and even a putting green! All located in the Solana resort gated community.

This Orlando vacation home is my newest rental villa – with a lot of upgrades including luxury furnishings, 2 King master bedrooms, the largest pool deck and swimming pool on the resort with feature water fountains, themed rooms, toys for the children. If your little Princess loves Disney then she will love the Disney Princess themed room in the house. Or if Disney Cars is your favorite then Lightning McQueen is here too.


This home is just what you and your family need for your next Orlando vacation. There is plenty of room for everyone to relax in this luxury rental home. Come home from the Disney World parks and relax in the pool and spa.  You can easily walk to the resort clubhouse from the house if you want to enjoy your own private cabana or even play a round on the putting green.


Contact me for more details of these great late availability specials for my 5 bed 4 bath Orlando vacation home.

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