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So you have searched on the internet for your perfect vacation home close to Disney World. You have stared at the computer screen for hours to learn where the houses are, the prices, which vacation homes look as though they are right for your family. You are excited about your family vacation to Disney World.

You send out some emails to Orlando vacation home owners for houses on your short list. You wait. You really had one special home in mind that you liked the look of more than any other.  It was close to Disney World, had a great pool, a game room. Everything you wanted in an Orlando villa.

You wait. And you wait some more. A day passes and you don’t hear from the owner. You had your heart set on that home. You have taken the time to find it and you don’t really want to start your search again. Another day passes. Nothing.

You open your email one morning and there it is. An answer about your dream home. But the owner gives you a couple of ’standard’ sentences and refers you back to their website which you had already seen anyway. But they are too late. You have already booked another home.

So, I hear you ask what is my point? Vacation home owners are human. Even I move away from my computer screen sometimes!You are communicating with people on the internet. You have no idea who they really are because all they have is a website with some pictures of their home. You are trusting them with a big part of your vacation and you know nothing about them. And then they ignore you!

I am speaking from personal experience as I just spend many hours looking for a vacation home in California. What a very frustrating experience! Vacation home owners that don’t get back to you, send you one line answers, don’t answer your questions……… Now there were some who were polite and friendly. And these are the ones that I noticed.

There is no way I would rent a home from someone who does not take their customer service seriously at this stage. How would it be if there is a problem somewhere along the line if I don’t trust them right now? You can have the nicest house at a bargain price but if I don’t trust you I am not going to book!

And I hope that my guests feel the same. They book my Orlando homes because I have a great selection of villas which are of a very high standard.  But my customer service is second to none.  I often have had people say to me – you are the only one who has answered or tried to help me.

Want to know where the best viewing places for the Magic Kingdom fireworks are? The best restaurant where you can dine with a Disney Princess. Want to know if going to EPCOT next Wednesday is a good idea? These are all things you can ask me and I will answer. Promptly. So you can stay in a great house, and have everything you need for your Disney World vacation.

Find an Orlando vacation home owner that you do know something about.  You will be glad that you did

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