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Last Minute Orlando Vacation Rentals

It seems that everyone was looking for late availability vacation homes in Orlando.  Usually July is not that busy a month for vacation rental booking inquiries but this year I have been so busy. The only thing is that I just haven’t had anywhere to offer to the guests.  July was completely booked for all my Orlando holiday homes on Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills. So I began looking further afield with my many contacts to see if their homes were available. The answer was no. So it looks like July was a great month for vacation home owners but not good at all for those looking for a last minute bargain.

I know that many guests feel that if they wait until the last minute they will get an Orlando vacation home much cheaper. This may sometimes be true. If they are lucky with finding exactly what they want for the right dates. But you really are limiting your choices. Yes you can be lucky and get a bargain. Of course this can happen. Sometimes I get a late cancellation, or there are a few days between bookings which I really want to fill for a great price for the guest. But usually it just pays to book ahead as far as you can. You will simply have more choice of the more popular homes.  Remember, usually they are popular for a reason. They are the cream of the crop.

So if you decide on a last minute trip to Orlando get looking as quickly as you can for a vacation rental home. The more time you have, the better deal you are likely to get.

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