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Just how do you choose a holiday home in Orlando? Need some help? There is so much choice – and once you start an internet search for an Orlando villa it can be time consuming and overwhelming. So how do you narrow down your search for your prefect Orlando holiday home?

I have owned vacation homes in Orlando for many years. I now have a number of holiday homes to offer and communicate every day with guests looking for the ideal vacation villa. Sometimes you need to see things from the other side just to appreciate how difficult the process is. It should be easy to find a home – there are a lot of Disney vacation homes out there. And that is just the problem. How do you know which Disney holiday home is going to suit your family?

This week I have been searching for a vacation home in another part of the US for my family. I admit it has been driving me crazy and at this point I almost want to give up! All I want to do is have one site with someone there to help just so I can ask the 4 or 5 questions I really need to know the answers to. I need to know exactly where the house is, what does it look like, how much is it, is it available and do I trust the person who I am renting from? The last question is probably the most difficult one – even for me and I have been a holiday home owner for so long I really know how to do this more than most.

So I started thinking again about what people really want when they are looking for a holiday home in Orlando. They want to know where it is. You need to be close to the Disney theme parks, Universal, SeaWorld. All the Orlando attractions.

You need to know if the house is good value for your family. So if you have a limited budget you don’t want to be told about ones you can’t afford. Or if you only want the best Orlando villas then you want to see the best.

You want someone who you can trust to help you choose. Of course we are all trying to persuade you that our homes are the best! But I can honestly say that if I do not have what you are looking for then I will tell you and try and point you in the right direction.

So if you are looking for the perfect Orlando holiday home for your next Disney World Orlando vacation then contact me and I will help you find your way through the maze! You may like to reserve one of my Windsor Palms, Windsor Hills or Solana resort homes. Or if they are not the right ones for you I can give you the benefit of my many years of experience and point you in the right direction.

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