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Disney Pixar Exclusive – Sneak Preview of 2008 Movie Wall-E


Wall-E, the 2008 Disney Pixar movie to be released 2008 has had a test screening – and the word is that it is a great movie.

Directed by Andrew Stanton who created Finding Nemo, this movie is tipped to be a phenomenal success. The movie certainly sounds unique – it is said to be dialogue free for the first half. No big movie star voices.

So what is the story? The Earth has finally become completely covered with trash and is totally uninhabitable – humans were overcome with overconsumption and consumerism. We finally screwed up so much we had to leave the Earth.

Robots were sent in to clean up. Problem is that the company controlling the robot cleanup is completely inept – so they have big problems and the robots break down one by one.

After almost 700 years Wall-E, which stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth-class, is left alone on Earth.

Sounding good so far…………….?

But the story is really a classic love story. Eve, a robot from a probe which comes down to check on Earth, captures Wall-E’s heart.

No spoilers here – the Wall-E movie is due to be released on June 27th 2008.

The word is that the movie is amazing – designed to appeal to children and adults alike ( as did Ratatouille). With a spectacular John Williams score it has all the promise of a great Disney Pixar movie. I can’t wait!

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