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Orlando Vacation Home Rental 5 br Pool and Spa

September 3rd, 2008 Alison Posted in kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills 1 Comment »

So just which one is my most sought after Orlando vacation home? Well it has to be my Windsor Palms Orlando vacation home which has 5 bedrooms, conservation view, swimming pool and spa. It really has everything that people are looking for.

Disney World Magic Kingdom

You want to be as close as you can to the Magic?

Windsor Palms resort itself is just about as close to Disney World as you can get. You have the convenience of a home so close to Disney World it is easy to return back for a break at the house and a swim in the pool. I only wish that I had more of them for my guests as I do sometimes have to turn down even guests who have stayed with me before as the house is already booked. So it really isn’t hype when I say book ahead for this home as soon as you can as it does go fast. I am even concerned that I will not get my first choice of dates for 2009 as I haven’t reserved it far enough in advance for myself!

Always contact me to double check availability. I do have quieter times so always check first ……… you may get lucky.

So what if my Windsor Palms conservation view home is booked? What are the other alternatives? Well I have another fabulous 5 bed Orlando home to rent which I will admit sometimes gets overlooked. This is also one of my favorites – and is certainly a favorite with many guests who have stayed there. It is my Solana home – located close to Disney, on a resort and has many upgrades. Kids love the Princess and Disney Cars themed rooms. Parents love the fabulous master bedrooms, free wireless internet, even the upgraded audio speakers in the master bedroom. Everyone loves the huge 36′ pool – the largest on the resort. So just where can you find this home?

The Disney Dream Villa

Don’t forget about my brand new Windsor Hills Reserve Homes. Amazing, very upgraded homes on the exclusive Windsor Hills resort. Yes, Windsor Hills is the very closest to Disney( and I think the 6 bed home is the closest home you can get to Disney World). Yes, Windsor Hills is the one with the amazing water park features and huge slide.

Why stay in an Orlando hotel when you could be here for a fraction of the cost?

Windsor Hills kissimmee villa with water park

So whatever you are looking for just click on the big envelope at the left of the page or visit one of my websites to see all the homes I have to offer. You are sure to find your dream home near to Disney World.

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A Trustworthy Site To Rent Villas in Orlando

August 12th, 2008 Alison Posted in Florida Vacation Rentals, Orlando Theme Parks, Vacation Rental Websites, kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills No Comments »

Looking for villas to rent in Orlando can get overwhelming. Of course you are looking for a trustworthy site to rent villas in Orlando but there are so many out there how do you know where to even start?

First decide on your ‘wish list’. What exactly do you need for your Orlando rental home? How many bedrooms, bathrooms, do you want a private south facing pool, Disney themed rooms, do you wanting a home on a resort the very closest to Disney World?

Orlando homes near Disney World fl

Then you have to decide if you book your Orlando villa directly with the owner, or book with a large rental agency. More and more people are deciding to book direct with the owner. This has a number of advantages. Firstly it saves you money – this can be a great deal of money. Secondly you know exactly which house you are going to be staying in. Thirdly, and this really depends upon the individual owner, you may get a much better and more personalized service from booking directly with an owner.

So how do you find a trustworthy site? Well of course I am going to send you to my sites here! You didn’t think I wouldn’t did you? I have homes on Windsor Hills and Windsor Palms, as well as the beautiful resort of Solana.

Orlando vacation home game room internet spa south facing

Why are they trustworthy sites? I hope that my guests speak for me on this one – you can see what they say about me and my selection of homes. They also keep coming back! This is the best way that I can tell that I am doing a good job on offering not only high quality homes, but also great customer service. I enjoy what I do and I really do want my guests to enjoy their time in my homes. So I will do my very best to match you to the home which will be perfect for you.

What else can I offer the guest looking for villas to rent in Orlando? Well everyone knows that Orlando is the theme park capital of the world! So my guests also get the added value of being able to ask EverythingMouse any question at all about Disney World and the other theme parks. My other not so secret identity is as Disney travel writer EverythingMouse. My online resources are free for everyone out there who wants to make their trip to Disney World very special ( and save a lot of money and time along the way). But my Orlando villa guests get my individual attention and can ask me as many things as they need to know about the Orlando theme parks, restaurants, things to do, ways to save money. So not only do you have access to some of the very best homes close to Disney World, you have access to EverythingMouse too!

Need another reason to book one of my Orlando villas close to Disney World?

Windsor Hills Orlando villa view spa internet games room

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Vacation Homes For Rent Near Disney World

August 8th, 2008 Alison Posted in Vacation Rental Websites, kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills No Comments »

Can you really know how close your vacation rental home is to Disney World before you arrive?  I see so many Orlando vacation home owners being slightly ‘economical with the truth’ about how long it will take you to get to Disney World it makes me smile!

First let me say that most of the Orlando villas that I see are indeed within 15 to 30 minutes of Disney World. Some are closer than others.  Of course they are – they can’t all be the closest to the Mouse!

So if you are booking an Orlando holiday home which resorts are the closest.  Without a doubt Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills are closer than every other resort.  They are very prestigious resorts with excellent facilities.  If you are looking for the closest Orlando villas to Disney World then you cannot go wrong with Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills resorts.

But being the absolute closest to Disney World is not the priority for everyone.  If you are looking for something just 7 minutes further the consider Solana Resort which offers guests excellent resort facilities and a great location.  You will be able to drive from the Solana resort to any of the major theme parks including Disney World and Universal Studios in anywhere between 15 minutes to 30 minutes.  And the prices you pay for Solana are likely to be less than you would pay for either of the Windsor Palms or Windsor Hills resorts.  So if you just want to add a very short time to your driving time but save yourself a lot of money then don’t overlook this hidden gem.

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Orlando Vacation Homes

July 26th, 2008 Alison Posted in Florida Vacation Rentals, Orlando Theme Parks, Vacation Rental Websites, kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills No Comments »

So you have searched on the internet for your perfect vacation home close to Disney World. You have stared at the computer screen for hours to learn where the houses are, the prices, which vacation homes look as though they are right for your family. You are excited about your family vacation to Disney World.

You send out some emails to Orlando vacation home owners for houses on your short list. You wait. You really had one special home in mind that you liked the look of more than any other.  It was close to Disney World, had a great pool, a game room. Everything you wanted in an Orlando villa.

You wait. And you wait some more. A day passes and you don’t hear from the owner. You had your heart set on that home. You have taken the time to find it and you don’t really want to start your search again. Another day passes. Nothing.

You open your email one morning and there it is. An answer about your dream home. But the owner gives you a couple of ’standard’ sentences and refers you back to their website which you had already seen anyway. But they are too late. You have already booked another home.

So, I hear you ask what is my point? Vacation home owners are human. Even I move away from my computer screen sometimes!You are communicating with people on the internet. You have no idea who they really are because all they have is a website with some pictures of their home. You are trusting them with a big part of your vacation and you know nothing about them. And then they ignore you!

I am speaking from personal experience as I just spend many hours looking for a vacation home in California. What a very frustrating experience! Vacation home owners that don’t get back to you, send you one line answers, don’t answer your questions……… Now there were some who were polite and friendly. And these are the ones that I noticed.

There is no way I would rent a home from someone who does not take their customer service seriously at this stage. How would it be if there is a problem somewhere along the line if I don’t trust them right now? You can have the nicest house at a bargain price but if I don’t trust you I am not going to book!

And I hope that my guests feel the same. They book my Orlando homes because I have a great selection of villas which are of a very high standard.  But my customer service is second to none.  I often have had people say to me – you are the only one who has answered or tried to help me.

Want to know where the best viewing places for the Magic Kingdom fireworks are? The best restaurant where you can dine with a Disney Princess. Want to know if going to EPCOT next Wednesday is a good idea? These are all things you can ask me and I will answer. Promptly. So you can stay in a great house, and have everything you need for your Disney World vacation.

Find an Orlando vacation home owner that you do know something about.  You will be glad that you did

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Last Minute Orlando Vacation Rentals

July 24th, 2008 Alison Posted in Vacation Rental Websites, kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills No Comments »

It seems that everyone was looking for late availability vacation homes in Orlando.  Usually July is not that busy a month for vacation rental booking inquiries but this year I have been so busy. The only thing is that I just haven’t had anywhere to offer to the guests.  July was completely booked for all my Orlando holiday homes on Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills. So I began looking further afield with my many contacts to see if their homes were available. The answer was no. So it looks like July was a great month for vacation home owners but not good at all for those looking for a last minute bargain.

I know that many guests feel that if they wait until the last minute they will get an Orlando vacation home much cheaper. This may sometimes be true. If they are lucky with finding exactly what they want for the right dates. But you really are limiting your choices. Yes you can be lucky and get a bargain. Of course this can happen. Sometimes I get a late cancellation, or there are a few days between bookings which I really want to fill for a great price for the guest. But usually it just pays to book ahead as far as you can. You will simply have more choice of the more popular homes.  Remember, usually they are popular for a reason. They are the cream of the crop.

So if you decide on a last minute trip to Orlando get looking as quickly as you can for a vacation rental home. The more time you have, the better deal you are likely to get.

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Holiday Homes Orlando

July 9th, 2008 Alison Posted in Florida Vacation Rentals, Orlando Theme Parks, Vacation Rental Websites, kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills No Comments »

Just how do you choose a holiday home in Orlando? Need some help? There is so much choice – and once you start an internet search for an Orlando villa it can be time consuming and overwhelming. So how do you narrow down your search for your prefect Orlando holiday home?

I have owned vacation homes in Orlando for many years. I now have a number of holiday homes to offer and communicate every day with guests looking for the ideal vacation villa. Sometimes you need to see things from the other side just to appreciate how difficult the process is. It should be easy to find a home – there are a lot of Disney vacation homes out there. And that is just the problem. How do you know which Disney holiday home is going to suit your family?

This week I have been searching for a vacation home in another part of the US for my family. I admit it has been driving me crazy and at this point I almost want to give up! All I want to do is have one site with someone there to help just so I can ask the 4 or 5 questions I really need to know the answers to. I need to know exactly where the house is, what does it look like, how much is it, is it available and do I trust the person who I am renting from? The last question is probably the most difficult one – even for me and I have been a holiday home owner for so long I really know how to do this more than most.

So I started thinking again about what people really want when they are looking for a holiday home in Orlando. They want to know where it is. You need to be close to the Disney theme parks, Universal, SeaWorld. All the Orlando attractions.

You need to know if the house is good value for your family. So if you have a limited budget you don’t want to be told about ones you can’t afford. Or if you only want the best Orlando villas then you want to see the best.

You want someone who you can trust to help you choose. Of course we are all trying to persuade you that our homes are the best! But I can honestly say that if I do not have what you are looking for then I will tell you and try and point you in the right direction.

So if you are looking for the perfect Orlando holiday home for your next Disney World Orlando vacation then contact me and I will help you find your way through the maze! You may like to reserve one of my Windsor Palms, Windsor Hills or Solana resort homes. Or if they are not the right ones for you I can give you the benefit of my many years of experience and point you in the right direction.

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Orlando Vacation Home Late Availability

July 1st, 2008 Alison Posted in Florida Vacation Rentals, Vacation Rental Websites, kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills No Comments »

I have some great late availability offers for my Orlando vacation homes. For a couple of the houses that I have on Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills the best offers are for August. So if you are looking for a great late availability deal on luxury Orlando homes on thes great resorts then contact me with the dates that you need and I will send you all the details that you need.

It is funny that I am talking about late availability deals on my Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills homes for August. Because I am taking so many bookings for Christmas 2008 and also throughout 2009 at the moment. People often ask me if it is better to wait to book an Orlando vacation home until the last moment. In general I would say that it always pays to book as far ahead as you can. Particularly if you have a first choice of Orlando home ( say you have been to one before and loved it so much you want to go back). I do sometimes have to disappoint previous guests who have been to my Windsor Palms and Solana homes as they are already booked. I can usually find them something else but I always want guests to have their first choice if possible.

Can you get bargains by waiting until the last minute to book an Orlando vacation home? Sometimes yes! And a good example of this is the luxury Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills homes I have available for select dates on offer in August. So if you are planning an Orlando family vacation just contact me and I will let you know all the best deals!

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Vacation Homes in Orlando

May 10th, 2008 Alison Posted in Florida Vacation Rentals, kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills No Comments »

Vacation homes in Orlando – I am so overwhelmed by choice where do I start? This is something that I hear time and time again from people.

You start out thinking that renting a home for your Orlando vacation is a great idea (it is) but then you start looking and wish you had never started! I think I only truly realised this when I looked for a rental home for my last vacation in California. There the choice is small compared to Orlando. Even though I spend my life on the internet I felt like tearing my hair out after the first hour of searching for a vacation home.
Most people start their search for a vacation home, whether in Orlando or anywhere else in the world by looking on the internet. This is of course the best place to find one – I would say that wouldn’t I? But perhaps this isn’t the place to start. So what should you do to find the right Orlando vacation home for your family?

Start off with a wish list. Then search.

You will have narrowed down your search for a vacation home even before you sit down at the computer. Start with basic questions about what you want from your Orlando vacation home.

The obvious question is how close to you want to be to Disney World. Most vacation homes are pretty close but some are almost on Mickeys doorstep ( Windsor Hills and Windsor Palms are 2 of the closest). How many bedrooms? Don’t forget how many bathrooms you need either – you don’t want to waste time in the morning waiting for a slot in the shower! Do you want a home on a resort, a home with a view, a newer home, one with things for the kids, internet access, free calls. All of these things are available in some homes.

If you have it in your mind what you would like from a home even before you switch on the computer then you will cut down your search time. And frustration.

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Orlando Short Term Vacation Rental – Want A Different View?

March 24th, 2008 Alison Posted in Florida Vacation Rentals, Orlando Theme Parks, kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills No Comments »

You may have looked at so many Orlando short term vacation rental websites that you really don’t want to look at another. Well perhaps I can tempt you to look at just one more after seeing this video that I put together. It shows my Orlando vacation rental homes and some great views of Disney World too. So sit back and enjoy.

Want to know more about my Orlando short term rental homes?

If you are looking for luxury Orlando villa homes to rent then you have found some of the very best available. Resort homes on Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills – close to the magic with resort facilities second to none. Upgraded luxury Orlando homes with everything you need to make your stay very special – at a price that may surprise you.

These homes are so close to all the Orlando theme parks that you can almost touch them! There is even one home where you can watch the Disney fireworks from the house. Imagine all the luxury and value of a Windsor Palms or Windsor Hills home – go ahead and upgrade for a fraction of the cost of an hotel room.Find out more .

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Windsor Hills

March 14th, 2008 Alison Posted in Florida Vacation Rentals, Orlando Theme Parks, kissimmee florida vacation home rental, windsor hills No Comments »

I am happy to announce that I have now added Windsor Hills homes to my collection of vacation homes available for rental to my guests. I have a brand new 4 bed and a 6 bed home to offer on Windsor Hills.

If you are looking for the ultimate Orlando vacation home close to Disney then you have to check out these beautiful new homes on Windsor Hills resort.

For those of you not familiar with the Windsor Hills resort it is one of the most sought after in the Orlando area – it is as close to Disney World as you can be, less than 2 miles. Windsor Hills has great resort facilities including a community pool with water slide and interactive fountains, a gym, movie theater, concierge, playgrounds. It simply has everything that you need.


As you can see from the pictures these Windsor Hills houses themselves are brand new and beautifully upgraded. They simply have everything that you could wish for in a vacation home – absolute luxury close to Disney World.

The houses are located on some of the best lots in Windsor Hills – with great privacy around the pool. The 6 bed home is simply on one of the best locations on the Windsor Hills resort – overlooking a lake with fountain.


Book A Windsor Hills Home



Contact me for more information about the ultimate Disney vacation homes.

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