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Wall-e Toys

June 18th, 2008 Alison Posted in Disney Movies, Disney World Florida, Disneyland California No Comments »

wall-e interactive robot
The Wall-e movie is going to be the big hit of the summer. And the toys and books are already a big hit with my family. Even my 2 year old who doesn’t know many words but he can say Wall-e.

Already the toys are a hot commodity and can be difficult to find. If it is like this before the Wall-e movie is released just imagine how it will be this summer and particularly Christmas time.

The Wall-e movie promises to be another great Disney Pixar hit. The story is that humans have messed up the earth so much they have to leave the planet and wait for the robots to clean it up. But the robots aren’t very well designed and they all break down. Except for Wall-e.

A lot of you will know that I write as EverythingMouse on Squidoo. I am really proud to say that I am a finalist in the Squidoo eBay Challenge competition with my Wall-e movie feature. The prize is to be featured in a speech by Seth Godin at the eBay Conference.

You will find all the latest Wall-e toys, video clips and movie trivia, as well as information on how to find the difficult to get Wall-e and Eve interactive robot toys.

Find Wall-e Toys 

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Orlando Vacation Home Or A Disney Hotel Room?

January 31st, 2008 Alison Posted in Disney World Florida, Florida Vacation Rentals, Orlando Theme Parks, kissimmee florida vacation home rental No Comments »

I spend a lot of my time writing about the advantages of staying in an Orlando vacation home. I know that I am biased as I have been in this vacation rental home business in Orlando for a long time. So how was it when I stayed in an hotel instead of my own home?

My homes were booked and I had a very narrow window of time to visit Orlando. So I decided to stay in a Disney World hotel – the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is a deluxe Disney World hotel. The very top of the range of the hotels for a Disney World holiday.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

So what was great about the Animal Kingdom Lodge? I have always liked this hotel and spend a lot of time in it’s restaurants, Boma and Jiko. They are amongst my favorite restaurants in the whole of Disney World. It is a beautiful and original hotel – where else in North America can you look out from your balcony and see giraffe and zebra. It was a wonderful experience to do that. But I could just visit the hotel and see the giraffe from the savanna when I have finished my Boma breakfast – this is what I usually do! Did I need to spend $300 plus a night for a very small room to do that? Would I do it again?

The answer is no I would not do it again. I would wait for my Windsor Palms or Solana vacation homes to be empty and stay there. To manage in a small space when I could have 10 times the space in my vacation homes just is not something that I want to do again. Disney World hotels really are amongst the best in the world, but I have been spoiled by my luxury Orlando vacation homes. I genuinely couldn’t wait to get out of the hotel and back ‘home’!

So, yes, I enjoyed the novelty of the Animal Kingdom Lodge but the small room with just one bathroom between the 5 of us (!) just didn’t work out.

Am I even more convinced of the advantages of renting a vacation home? You bet I am! I love all things Disney but I can get my fix in other ways than staying in a deluxe resort!

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Disney World Victoria And Albert’s Restaurant Bans Children

January 10th, 2008 Alison Posted in Disney World Florida, Orlando Theme Parks 1 Comment »

Children under 10 will no longer be allowed in Victoria and Albert’s – the only restaurant in Disney World with a AAA star. Disney has said that this is in response to the wishes of it’s guests.

Is this a drastic move? As a mother of 3 children aged under 10 who have eaten in many restaurants and are (usually) very well behaved, I don’t really think so. Disney World is perhaps the most family orientated travel destination in the world so just making one fine dining restaurant a child free zone really isn’t a big deal. This is a restaurant where prices start at $125 per person so I wasn’t about to take the kids anyway! According to Disney on average 3 families per month ate at the restaurant so it wasn’t exactly a family hot spot……..

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So you have found your Orlando vacation rental home – what now?

December 17th, 2007 Alison Posted in Disney World Florida No Comments »

Once you have found your Orlando vacation rental home you need to start the fun task of planning your Disney World vacation!  There really is so much to see and do at Walt Disney World that to get the most out of it you need to look ahead and have as much idea as you can about what you want to do.  Time really is money – those tickets do not come cheap so don’t waste time in the parks wondering what to do!

So where do you start?  I have written a free easy to read guide 7 Secrets to A Magical Disney World Vacation.

Ideally you should plan which Disney World and other theme park tickets you want to buy before you arrive.  Otherwise you may find that you waste money buying tickets that you do not need – or realise too late that you could have saved by getting a multi day ticket.   If there are a number of people in your party you can soon have wasted hundreds of dollars just by not planning ahead.

So just do a little research before you travel on your Orlando vacation and it really will pay off!

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Affordable Disney World – Could It Be Magic?

December 12th, 2007 Alison Posted in Disney World Florida, Orlando Theme Parks No Comments »

I am always trying to find new ways to save money at Disney World and make it more affordable. I am planning my own Disney vacation at the moment and so am constantly being reminded of how easy it is to save hundreds of dollars. But you do have to know what you are doing! One way of course is to stay in an Orlando vacation home, but I would say that wouldn’t I! Anyway, there really are lots of easy ways to save yourself some dollars at Disney World.

I have just updated my site Affordable Disney World

There are lots of ideas for savings on Walt Disney World tickets and suggestions for free things to do.

Disney Hollywood Studios Mickey Hat

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Orlando Vacation Villa – Not Following My Own Advice

December 8th, 2007 Alison Posted in Disney World Florida, Florida Vacation Rentals No Comments »

I am always telling people to book their Orlando vacation villa as early as possible. Well, you know how sometimes you really don’t follow your own advice? I am planning my Disney Florida vacation and of course I wanted to find a time when I could stay in my own Orlando vacation villa. I found out that I have almost left it too late as the villas are booked for some of the time that I wanted to go!

Faced with having to cut my holiday short I decided that there is no other way – that I would have to book an hotel for some of the nights of my stay! So I booked one of my favorites – Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge. I have stayed in a lot of the Disney hotels and this is one of my favorites.

The rest of the time I get to stay in first one of my Orlando villas and then the other. I think that a vacation home owner really does have to actually stay in their own homes as often as they can, not only for their own benefit, but for their guests. You really can then see your Florida vacation home from the point of view of the guests and see what, if any, changes have to be made. Also it is of course a very good excuse to sit by the swimming pool and relax for a while. I have wireless internet so I can work on my pool deck for a change!

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Ways To Save Money at Disney World Florida

December 2nd, 2007 Alison Posted in Disney World Florida, Florida Vacation Rentals No Comments »

Obviously I am going to say that renting an Orlando holiday home is a great way to save money on your Disney World vacation – but there are many other ways to make your stay more affordable too.

Understanding the Disney World ticket system is crucial, as is knowing where you can safely buy tickets ( there are a lot of scams out there unfortunately). Learning some simple secrets to help you save on tickets, food and entertainment can help you to save a lot of money – sometimes even enough so that you can return to Disney World with the savings you have made.

It takes a lot of research, planning and experience to know all the insider secrets so I have compiled this free guide for my readers:

Affordable Disney World – Could It Be Magic?

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Disney World Character Dining – Which One Should You Choose

December 2nd, 2007 Alison Posted in Disney World Florida No Comments »

OK so I realise that even if you do rent an Orlando vacation villa and you could cook all your own meals at home, this doesn’t actually mean that you will. If I am being honest I probably manage to cook a couple of meals but save on things like breakfast which simply mean putting things in a bowl and pouring milk on them!

So you will want to do some research and planning about Disney dining. A very popular type of Disney dining is the character meal. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Often the meals are buffet style – and yes you do pay more for the fact that you are dining with Mickey Mouse, a Princess or Alice in Wonderland.

There are a lot of choices out there so I decided to write a free guide to Disney World Character Dining.

So if you want a chance to check out how it is to share a table with Mickey Mouse and skip cooking in your Florida vacation home – check out the free guide!

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Orlando Attractions – The Best Ever?

November 14th, 2007 Alison Posted in Disney World Florida, Orlando Theme Parks No Comments »

Is there really a best ever Orlando attraction? I have been thinking about this a lot over the past few days that I have been working on a new site of mine Best Orlando Attractions Ever

I have been having fun putting together all the video and pictures. But I am not sure I can answer the question of if there is a best ever attraction. I can’t even really answer which is my all time favorite Orlando attraction!

Would you choose Disney World as the best attraction? Or perhaps Islands of Adventure? The award for most promising attraction has to go to Sea World Aquatica……

But the winner is? Perhaps you can tell me which you think is the best Orlando attraction…..


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Disney Profits On The Rise

November 11th, 2007 Alison Posted in Disney World Florida No Comments »

Disney has just announced an increase in profits.  Much of this rise was due to increased attendance at the Disney theme parks.

Net income rose 12% to $877m (£418m) in the quarter ending 29 September, compared with $782m a year earlier.

Walt Disney said its US theme parks benefited from the weak dollar as it kept Americans from travelling abroad.  The strong pound against the dollar is also attracting  British guests.

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